Five Single Gate System Plan

Five Single Gate System Plan

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This plan is for those with five single gates with five single gate operators on the same property.


The Unlimited Residential Plan is in effect from March 1st to February 28th of the following year.   The plan includes unlimited covered service calls* during the contract length of the Plan. Warranty fee will be waived for parts that are replaced under warranty. One (1) preventative maintenance visit is also included. Customer is only responsible for the cost of the installed parts.purchase.

Questions? Please Call 352-584-5996 or contact us from our contact page.

* Service Call Definition: The following is the definition of a service call for the purpose of this contract: A service call is a visit to site of gate operator. The site will be within a 30 mile diameter circle with Brooksville, Florida at the center. The visit will cover 30 minutes of on site troubleshooting and labor. Additional fees may be incurred if extensive work is required.  Please see below for more information on this option. Physical abuse of gate system is not covered.  Your gate must be in proper working order before the purchase of the Service Plan.

Preventive Maintenance Visit Includes • Lubricate operator arm • Grease gate hinges • Clean solar panel • Adjust gate swing • Adjust gate latching • Overall diagnosis

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